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Gurdeep Singh is a professional graphic designer from Chandigarh, India. Gurdeep completed a 5 year Diploma in Applied Art in Chandigarh and armed himself along with a solid experience in graphic designing before moving to Kuwait where he worked in the design industry. After graduation, Gurdeep worked with a number of prominent and well known advertising agencies in India and Kuwait. He also gained expertise in the art of silk screen printing.


Gurdeep’s exceptional professional capabilities can be summed up in three words: Creative, Reliable and Experienced. Since the start of his career, he has managed to bring his creative insights into the projects he has worked on, creating innovative designs that reflect the personality of the client’s brand while speaking directly to the customers he was targeting for. His exceptional skills as a graphic designer have helped him to acquire immense knowledge, skill and technical abilities that set him apart from other designers.

Print Media

Flexible graphic designer with a proven record of delivering creative and innovative design solutions for print media and website.

Web Design

Gurdeep worked as a Creative Design Consultant and Coordinator with Hostopia, website design and hosting firm in Toronto, Canada.


Gurdeep’s unique skills extend not only to print media and website design but also to photography large format and screen printing.

Gurdeep believes that technical solutions and elegant designs should be developed in a playful and unorthodox manner to create truly memorable solutions. The identity of a brand is what sets it apart from its competitors and it starts with research.

My Work

Gurdeep’s vision is to create quality designs based on his creativity and extensive experience. He is an exceptional graphic designer who is dedicated to creating designs that will deliver your marketing message and vision to your target audience.

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